Cost Reduction Solutions

CloudSabers Blueprint

Proprietary CloudSabers BluePrint lays down an actionable path reducing cloud costs that can be implemented by your team on its own, or using CloudSabers TaskForce.

CloudSabers TaskForce

Proprietary CloudSabers TaskForce helps to implement the cloud optimization tasks across the business and IT teams with seamless collaboration and change management.

Observability Solutions

CloudSabers Analytics

Analyze your cloud operations across on-premise, co-location and public cloud footprint. Compatible with IBM, Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco, Google and Amazon using CloudSabers Analytics.

CloudSabers Cyberlytics

Analyze your cloud cybersecurity across multiple cloud properties using CloudSabers Cyberlytics to get predictive risk insights on the security health of your cloud operations.

Open Source Support Solutions

CloudSabers KVM

Industry-leading Linux hypervisor KVM is used by large cloud providers like Google, Amazon, AliCloud, etc. Reduce virtualization costs for your on-premise virtual machines.

CloudSabers Postgres

Industry-leading SQL database Postgres is used by some of the largest SaaS companies. Reduce database license costs for your database cloud and on-premise servers.